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Secure Verification

TrueCV Token (TCV) ensures secure identity verification and resume certification through blockchain technology, enhancing trust in the recruitment process.

Liquidity Aggregator

DeFi-Powered Ecosystem

TCV serves as the financial backbone of, enabling decentralized finance features such as reduced fees and governance rights.


Immutable Transparency

Every identity and resume uploaded on is encrypted and immutably recorded on the blockchain, ensuring transparency and integrity.

NFT Marketplace

Premium Access Benefits

TCV holders enjoy exclusive benefits, including priority access to premium features, fostering a vibrant and engaged community.

TCV Goal

Our goal is to revolutionize the employment industry by providing a decentralized platform for secure identity verification and resume certification using TrueCV Token (TCV). Join the community. Be the first to decentralize the way you verify identities and certify resumes for employment opportunities.


1,000,000 Total Supply

Token Network: Binance Smart Chain (BSC)
Token Type: BEP-20

Token Distribution

40% Pre-Sale Token Distribution

Deflationary Token

TCV has a unique burning mechanism automatically sent to burn address with every transaction. Burning tokens essentially eliminate them from the available stock, making them more expensive.
Burning Cycle

Burning Cycle

When a token is excluded from the current pool of cryptocurrencies in circulation, it is burned. Thus, TCV will run for a total of 148 cycles.

Burn Rate

Burn Rate

As people transact, the sum of tokens in your wallet will continue to grow indefinitely. Therefore, the burn rate for TCV is from 5% to 12%.



This burn will cause a positive rebase when the total burned tokens exceed the target threshold and distributing 50% of the burnt supply to token holders.


TCV Roadmap

  • 2021

    Initial TrueCV Platform Release

    Farming & Staking Pools

  • 2022

    Initial Token Release

    Liquidity Aggregator Starting Development

  • 2023

    TrueCV Release Stable v1

    Initial Liquidity Aggregator Release (ALPHA)

    Promotion of TrueCV

  • 2024

    TrueCV Release Stable v2

    TrueCV Mobile App Release Stable v1

    Expanded TrueCV Platform

Our Team

TCV Team

Mario Albano

Project Leader


Luca Pezzuto

Lead Developer


Antonio Bianchi

Community Manager


Marco Esposito

Solidity Programmer


Roberto Conti

Backend Developer


Sofia Ferrari

Frontend Developer


General Frequently Asked Questions
1 What is TCV Token?

TrueCV Token (TCV) is a cutting-edge decentralized finance (DeFi) cryptocurrency revolutionizing the employment verification landscape. With the distinctive symbol TCV and a total supply of 1,000,000 tokens, this DeFi token is purpose-built to underpin the TrueCV ecosystem, the premier platform for job demand and supply. Through blockchain technology, TrueCV Token (TCV) ensures transparent, secure, and immutable verification and certification of candidate identities and resumes.

2 Where can I buy TCV?

TCV can be purchased in PancakeSwap.

3 What is TCV total token supply, and will it be stable?

TCV max token supply will be 1,000,000. Due to that token supply, it will be deflationary.

4 What is the slippage tolerance need to buy TCV?

The slippage is between 5% to 15%.

5 How many burning cycles will it be in TCV, and what is the burn rate of TCV that impacts rebase positively?

There will be a total of 148 burning cycles in the circulation of 5% to 12% burning rate, and this burn rate will impact a positive rebase when the total burned tokens exceed the target threshold and distributing 50% of the burnt supply to token holders.